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No pest control company works harder to benefit Home Inspectors than Termite 365. We understand your business and we have developed services which benefit your clients and give you an advantage when marketing your services to realtors, attorneys and homeowners.


We know a home sells faster with a termite guarantee. A home with a termite guarantee provides reassurance to the buyer while generally minimizing their costs in obtaining termite treatment after closing.


We offer Home Inspectors the opportunity to provide their clients with a 365 day Termite Protection Plan Free. When you sign up with Termite 365, you are giving your client the longest Termite protection available in the industry at no cost.


We offer solutions to build your business ; solutions you will not receive from companies offering 90 Day warranties. Do you want 90 Days or do you want the real value of 365 days ? Industry research reveals your customers want value over price and if left to their own, buyers will choose the best value over 90% of the time.



Pre-Listing Termite Plan


It’s a fact – homes with transferrable termite guarantees sell faster and give buyers confidence. If you conduct the termite inspection and if the home is eligible, we will issue a 365-day protection plan providing the Seller and Buyer will a fully transferrable termite plan. This protects the Buyer from issues which could arise during the closing process while giving the Seller a no cost option to help them sell the home faster. The other companies typical fee is $45.00 for a 90 day term for most homes. Our 365 day plan is exclusive to Termite 365.

Home Inspectors – these plans make great gifts to your clients! Compare this to your common gift choices.



Spot Treatment for common WDO issues


Spot Treatment for common Termite issues: We give homeowner the opportunity to have termite issues treated at the inspection.



Termite 365


“Why settle for less than 365 ?”


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