No pest control company works harder to benefit home Realtor’s than Regional’s Termite 365. We understand your business and we have developed services which benefit your clients and make marketing your listings easier.


We know a home sells faster with a termite guarantee. A home with a termite guarantee provides reassurance to the buyer while generally minimizing their costs in obtaining termite treatment after closing. Some inspections are backed by a 90 day termite plan but only Termite 365 from Regional gives your client a 365 Day Protection Plan.


We offer Realtors the opportunity to provide their clients with a truly professional referral. When you refer Termite 365, you are offering your client the highest qualifications and service in the market and you can rest assured respectfully and professionally guaranteed.


No, we are not the “cheapest” Termite inspector you will find but we provide longest termite protection plan included. We offer solutions to common problems which affect your business; Termite protection you will not receive from lesser companies. Do you want cheap or do you want value? Industry research reveals your customers want value over price and if left to their own, buyers will choose the best value over 90% of the time .



Pre-Listing Termite Plan


It’s a fact – homes with transferable termite protection plan sell faster and give buyers more confidence. Our 365 day termite protection plan is the longest in the industry If we conduct the termite inspection and if the home is eligible, we will issue a 365 day guarantee providing the Seller and Buyer will a fully transferable termite protection plan. This protects the Buyer from issues which could arise during the closing process while giving the Seller a low cost option to help them sell the home faster. Other companies sell a 90 Day termite plan for a fee $45.00. Our Termite 365 plan provides the only one year of protection exclusive to Termite 365 .



Spot Treatment for common WDO issues


Spot Treatment for common termite issues: We give Seller’s the opportunity to have common wood destroying issues treated at the inspection. Typical issues include minor water damage to wood trim, and localized evidence/damage from termites– the issues which commonly result in deals falling apart but do not pose a significant threat to the home.



Termite 365


“Why settle for less than Termite Free 365 ?”



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